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Welcome to Wholesome Fuel!

Consistent medical nutrition therapy and diabetes care education can help you develop the skills and education to successfully manage daily diabetes care, whether you are newly diagnosed or someone who has been living with diabetes for a while. 
As a registered dietitian and certified diabetes care and education specialist, let me help you create a sustainable action plan by addressing the following:

  • Help you understand prescribed medications including insulin use and proper injection technique.

  • Discuss pattern management (adjusting medication based on your glucose logs in accordance to your providers recommendations).

  • Create an ideal diet plan to meet your needs for nutritional adequacy for diabetes and overall health.
  • ​Understand how exercise impacts health and diabetes management.
  • Provide tips for healthy coping.

  • Utilize an evidence-based medical approach called Medical Nutrition Therapy.

  • Provide education on use of diabetes devices (i.e. blood glucose meter, insulin pump, etc.)

  • Create a long term plan to prevent risk of complications.

  • Analyze how your gender, cultural preferences, racial/ethnic identity, economic status, financial resources, values, goals, expectations, age, genetics, resiliency, coping skills, time management skills, health literacy, etc plays a role in successful diabetes management from a metabolic perspective.

  • Develop meal plans to target specific goals (i.e. blood sugar management, blood pressure, cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, weight management, etc).

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