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Alisha is a Registered Dietitian (RD), Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES), and founder of Wholesome Fuel, LLC. She received her Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics (MS) at Georgia State University and holds a certificate in training for adult weight management. Alisha has a wide variety of  experience in medical nutrition therapy including, oncology symptom management, heart disease, weight management, and more. However, she focuses most of her professional and business career addressing the burden of diabetes from the individual to community level. Alisha counsels clients on evidence-based tools and practices that can aid in prevention or management of their disease. She also works with companies and institutions as a consultant to drive forward programs and services that are targeted towards diabetes management and prevention.

With nutrition being an evolving field of science, Alisha’s knowledge for disease management and weight loss stems from evidence-based guidelines from sources like The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,, and other highly credible nutrition sources. During her free time, Alisha volunteers in creating health related programs in her community and sits on the advisory board as a nutrition expert for Development in Gardening, a non-for profit organization.

ABM FM Radio Interview - Alisha Virani- Registered Dietitian

The Internet is a wonderful resource full of information, but can be overwhelming when the information found doesn't work for every individual. It is important to honor the individual's genetic make-up, food preferences, desires, and metabolic activity when trying to address holistic health. Most diets focus on restricting foods, which is why they are not sustainable methods of eating. They often result in weight cycling and can negatively affect our relationship with food. Alisha is passionate about helping her clients make lasting changes that positively impact their health.

A sustainable, healthy eating plan should is not a rigid list of good or bad foods. Instead it is about finding a balance of nutritious foods and creating a trusting relationship with our bodies to choose foods it desires without categorizing them as “bad” foods, even if sometimes we choose less nutritious options.

To hear more about Alisha's views on nutrition and health, listen to her ABM FM Radio interview.



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