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Nutrition Counseling

For those needing guidance with building a lifestyle plan to meet their health and nutrition goals, manage a diet related chronic disease, or needing weight management. See here for more on my counseling approach.

Initial Sessions (60 min): $120 

Follow Up Sessions (45 min): $90 

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Virtual Diabetes Prevention Program- COMING SOON

  • CDC-approved curriculum with lessons, handouts, and other resources to help you make healthy changes.

  • Virtual, small group classes led by me, Alisha Virani, specially trained to lead the program, to help you learn new skills, encourage you to set and meet goals, and keep you motivated. I will facilitate discussions and help make the program fun and engaging.

  • Access to a support group of people with similar goals and challenges where we share ideas, celebrate successes, and work to overcome obstacles. 


*The program runs for 1 year. During the first 6 months of the program, we will meet about once a week. During the second 6 months, we'll meet once or twice a month.

Full Year Program Cost: $599

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Add On Services

Additional services include:

  • Grocery shopping tour

  • One week guided meal prep

  • Individualized meal plan

  • Pantry/fridge/freezer makeover

  • Diet analysis report


Research shows that obesity impacts the onset of some of the most common chronic diseases we see today, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Providing consistent medical nutrition therapy for chronic diseases and managing weight requires an individual assessment of nutrition status to develop a diagnosis and personalized intervention.

This requires analyzing gender, religious identity, racial/ethnic identity, economic status, financial resources, values, goals, expectations, age, genetics, resiliency, coping skills, time management skills, health literacy, etc.


A registered dietitian is trained to help create a sustainable action plan by taking all of these factors into consideration, which allows you to enjoy food in a healthy way. All it takes from you is consistency, determination, and a desire to feel better than you ever have before

The position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on interventions for the treatment of overweight and obesity in adults suggests that regular visits with a registered dietitian for at least six months produces greater weight loss and can therefore benefit overall chronic disease management and/or prevention.

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